Burdock Extract (Certified Organic)

Burdock is great for hair in shampoos as it enhances stimulation of blood flow.

Chamomile Extract (Certified Organic)

Chamomile is a fabulous addition of improving the colour and general health of your hair, whilst making it soft and supple. Chamomile has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, whilst being soothing and calming. This is one of nature’s safest and most effective sedatives. Scientific studies have found that a flavonoid found in Chamomile flowers (apigenin), has anti-histaminic properties.

Calendula Extract (Certified Organic)

Calendula is an excellent anti-inflammatory and is very useful for irritated skin in general.

Horsetail Herb Extract (Certified Organic)

Horsetail Herb is considered to have the best possible healing effect for most skin conditions. It has healing and calming properties and strengthens the hair whilst giving a healthier glow. Horsetail Herb is a natural source of silica.

Lavender Extract (Certified Organic)

Lavender is well known for its calming and antiseptic properties. It is also helpful to normalise scalp conditions.

Nettle Extract (Certified Organic)

Nettle is known to be high in iron and has stimulating properties. Its helps return the natural colour of the hair and also assists in preventing dandruff and hair loss. Nettle is also said to increase the micro-circulation of the skin.

Peppermint Extract (Certified Organic)

Peppermint is cooling on the scalp and therefore invigorates scalp circulation.

Red Clover Extract (Certified Organic)

Red Clover revives and purifies the scalp.

Rosemary Extract (Certified Organic)

Rosemary is an excellent hair tonic for all hair types as it helps to keep hair in good condition. It is the best conditioner for any hair colour and keeps the scalp in good condition, leaving hair soft and healthy.

Sage Extract (Certified Organic)

Sage is a good cleanser for the hair and is said to help promote good shine. Sage also strengthens and thickens hair. Sage extract is also a powerful anti-oxidant.

Red Sweet Potato

We use Sweet Potato in our amazing Berry Blonde toning shampoo & conditioner and treatment.  It provides the red colour and combines with Blue Gardenia berries to make purple which tones unwanted brassy tones in Blonde & Grey hair.

Blue Gardenia Berries

We use Blue Gadenia Berries in our amazing Berry Blonde toning shampoo & conditioner and treatment.  It provides the blue colour and combines with Red Sweet Potato to make purple which tones unwanted brassy tones in Blonde & Grey hair.

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Special Ingredients

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Derived from the Argan tree in Morocco this rich elixir is high in essential fatty acids and is amazing at restoring moisture to hair and skin.The Moroccan people have been using it for centries.

Sillk Amino Acids

Natural moisturising hair treatment. The low molecular weight of silk amino acids indicates the molecules the cuticle of the hair as well as the surface layer of the epidermis. Silk amino acids improve the hair with regard to feel and gloss and have a moisturising effect due to their water binding properties.

Ginseng Extract

Provides essential energy and is the hair follicles rejuvenating factor, slowing down the degeneration of cells. Ginseng has also been used for thousands of years by Asian people to promote healthy beautiful hair and not many would deny that they do have extremely beautiful hair.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea extract is a powerful free radical scavenger. Green tea is known to contain polyphenols that have been clinically proven to protect the scalp against free radical damage which can lead to cell death. Free radicals are potentially destructive forms of oxygen that can disrupt (oxidise) cell membranes. Exposure to pollution, excess sunlight and smoking may increase the numbers of free radicals.

Soy Protein – Derived from Soy Beans

Hydrolysed Soy Protein is a natural ingredient made from soybeans. It acts as a conditioner, giving body and texture to the hair. The protein becomes attracted to the hair cuticles and forms a protective layer; this then softens and repairs the hair in addition to providing fullness, shine and glass. It also reduces ‘fly-away’ hair. It is an excellent natural addition in hair care products.

Vitamin B5 Panthenol

When Vitamin B5 is used in hair care products it is readily absorbed into the hair, being deposited onto the cuticle and penetrating the cortex of the hair. This is even more so for bleached or permed hair. Vitamin B5 provides benefits such as long lasting moisturisation, it imparts lustre, and it has a conditioning effect resulting in easily manageable hair. It considerably reduces the formation of split ends. It serves to repair damaged hair and can thicken undamaged hair by up to 10%.

Vitamin E Tocophyerol

Vitamin E is an effective anti-oxidant with healing and rejuvenating benefits that help prevent cell damage by neutralising free radicals.

Sea Salt

Sea Salt is used at less than 1% as a thickening agent.

Cetearyl Alcohol – Plant Derived Wax

Cetearyl Alcohol is added to a detangling ingredient which helps thicken the conditioners. It is a totally plant derived wax.


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Cleansers / Surfactants

Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate (Iselux) – derived from renewable resources

A natural surfactant that creates foam and bubbles which helps cleanse the hair and scalp.  Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate (Iselux) is the latest technological breakthrough in surfactant chemistry.  Iselux is an extremely mild surfactant that produces a dense, luxurious foam and elegant after-feel on the hair.  It provides gentle yet thorough cleansing with outstanding rinseability.

Coco Betaine – Derived from Coconut

Rumba Skincare chose this ingredient as it is an extremely mild and easily biodegradable cleanser derived from coconut oil. It has natural and safe foaming qualities that gently clean without stripping away the natural oils. It can promote manageability for hair.

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Geogard is an EcoCert approved preservative which is made up of 4 individual ingredients; Salicylic Acid, Vegetable Glycerin, Sorbic Acid & Benzyl Alcohol. It is a highly effective preservative against bacteria, yeast and moulds. It is used in some of the Rumba Skincare products.

Citric Acid (Vitamin C)

Citric Acid is used at less than 1% as a natural preservative.

Herbal Active (TM)

Herbal Active is a 100% natural preservative system that is produced with a specific blend of essential oils.  It is used in many of the Rumba Skincare products very effectively.


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Hair Detangler

Behentrimonium Methosulphate – Derived from Rape Seed

We proudly choose Behentrimonium Methosulphate, as it is the mildest detangling ingredient available. It is derived from rape seed (canola oil), combined with the extremely mild methosulphate group instead of the much cheaper and more irritating chlorine. This high-tech naturally derived ingredient is renowned for its superior detangling ability, without causing excessive build-up on the hair. In fact it is so mild that it is recommended for use in leave-on baby products.

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Vegetable Glycerine

Vegetable Glycerine is 100% derived from vegetable oils. Rumba Skincare chose to use it in all of their organic hair nourishment conditioner products for its fabulous humectant qualities in attracting and holding moisture.

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Potassium Olivoyl Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Glyceryl Oleate, Glyceryl Stearate

The above ingredients form an EcoCert Certified Organic emulsifier used in a variety of our formulations

Glyceryl Stearate – Vegetable Emulsifier

Glyceryl Stearate is 100% vegetable derived. It is well known, as one of the gentlest and safest emulsifying waxes available. It is used as a natural emollient and thickening agent. It adds thickness, shine and manageability, whilst soothing, softening and protecting the hair.


** Information about ingredients on this website has been taken from reputable scientific resources. While we take all care and due diligence in ensuring that these details are correct, Rumba Skincare Organic Hair Care make no guarantee as to the accuracy of the contained information and we encourage you to research the ingredients contained in all of your personal care products.


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